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What to visit around Bergamo - Ideas for the Week-End

Endine Lake

Room at the Bed Breakfast MarcoLaura - Bergamo Endine Lake, easily reachable from Bergamo and Milan, is located in one of the most beautiful valleys of Bergamo: Val Cavallina. With a long shape, the lake is situated at 340 metres of altitude.

Endine Lake landscape is wonderful: the lake, in a narrow valley among mountains, has kept its old nature; on the shores you can see reeds on one side and mountains on the other side.
The water, quite clear, has a characteristic dark green colour.

In the villages around the lake there are not a lot of monumentals, but for the tourist this is a place of amusement, relaxing and enjoyable. Wonderful place for water sports (sailing, windsurfing, and canoeing), and famous fishing area; in winter, with iced waters, offers a really special view.

Monasterolo del Castello

Room at the Bed Breakfast MarcoLaura - Bergamo The lovely landscape, the water of the lake, the fresh wind during hot summers,... the village of 'Monasterolo del Castello' has taken its name from an old Benedectine monastery. Worth a visit for the castle, located above a little hill, and surrounded by a wide garden.

Biali Park is a public area, of about 15.000 meter squared, near the lake, just a few steps from the center of Monasterolo.
Tables and barbecues in the pic-nic area, a break bar, a children swimming pool, a landing stage,... and for those who like to walk, a floodlight path around the lake.

The structure 'La Casa del Pescatore' is built over a land of 10.000 m.squared, equipped with tables and benches.
This place offers a wide pic-nic area, pedalo' and boats renting, mountain bikes renting, horse excursions, fishing rods renting, children playing area... and a lot of place to enjoy yourself.

In Val Cavallina there is the biggest population in Lombardy of Bufo Bufo. This animal, which has got such a strange name (Bufo Bufo), is a common toad.
Every spring, when the Bufo Bufo wake up from lethargy, they start a migration toward the lake, for reproduction purposes.
On Endine Lake this peculiar event becomes a special and peculiar natural show: thousand of toads leaving the mountains toward the lake, crossing the road. Sometimes it is possible to see the masculine Bufo Bufo on the back of the females, even before reaching the water.
Unfortunately, this global migration through the road causes, every year, the death of hundreds of toads, killed by the cars. To help avoiding this, since a few years there are ecological volunteers and WWF which put barriers on the border of the road, so that the toads cannot cross it, then they take the toads and put them on the other side of the street. A long and patience work, which helps saving hundreds of Bufo Bufo each year.

Monasterolo and Endine Lake Neighbourhoods

Room at the Bed Breakfast MarcoLaura - Bergamo LA VALLE DEL FREDDO, or VALLE DEL DIAVOLO
A strange phenomena without similar in all Europe.
The 'Valle del Freddo (Cold Valley), an oasis of about 400m above the sea, presents an alpine flora typical of very high mountains, unusual to low level areas; it is enough to think that, in this valley, it is possible to find edelweiss.
On the fauna side, we can meet foxes, badgers, weasels, hares, cuckoos and owls.
The reason of this unusual ecoclimate is to research in a system of underground cold wind currents which going out from some rocks of the valley, keep the cold temperature, suitable for the high mountains flora.
The 'Valle del Freddo' is open to visitor in May, June an July.

Began as a farmers manifestation, to celebrate the grape harvest, it has now transformed into an artistic and folkloric manifestation.
A week of cultural initiatives, stands selling typical products, games and shows,... and the big final, with the famous allegorical wagons.

In Trescore Balneario, in the S.Barbara's church, we can find one of the most famous painting of Lorenzo Lotto, Renaissance artist.
The paintings, telling the story, life and death of Santa Barbara, are full of details, often with metaphorical meanings.

Trescore thermal baths were built in the XV century, and became soon a famous and well-equipped place for thermal cure, thanks to the therapeutic effects of its sulfureum waters.
Inhalations and muds are the specialities of this thermal place.
Waters suitable for breathe problems.
Muds used to cure arthritis, rheumatism, and cellulite.

A flora with brooms, chestnuts, elder trees,... and fauna with squirrels, foxes, dormouses, hawks, owls,... and a special area dedicated to butterflies.

The 'Buca del Corno', a cave on the Sega Mountain, above Entratico, is 385 metres deep.
Some archaeological finds have been found inside the 'Buca del Corno': death equipment, arrows, ceramics, and human bones.
Around the cave there is a wide park, of about 6000mq, with tables and grills. Ideal place for a walk, a pic-nic, and a cultural moment.